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2019 – 2020 PTO Executive Board Positions

2019 - 2020 Board Positions

2019-2020 Committee Positions!

The start of the year is quickly approaching and with that the PTO Executive Board continues to look at what is in store for this year and beyond.  To have another great year filled with fun activities and important support to the school WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION AND LEADERSHIP!  This is not just to the moms out there but also to the dads.  Without parents planning events, we cannot have the events themselves!


To join a committee, all you need is a few hours a month (usually in the evenings) and the desire to make your kids proud and set an example for them of the importance of school as well as giving back to the community we are all a part of.  Most of us that are part of the Executive PTO board or that are part of committees are working parents so we all know that time is precious.  The committees themselves choose collectively when and how often to meet so any schedules can be accommodated. In addition, in the age of technology often committee meetings can happen virtually.


Those of us that have participated in committees or been homeroom parents know the pride that our children have towards the school, classroom, and in us because of our involvement. Not only but you get to know the kids in the school and soon you become the parent that all the kids know and say “Look there’s XXX’s mom or dad!” While this may sound trivial, we can promise you that there is an impact on your child’s confidence and sense of self.  All of us who are involved see the effects on our children…and we see it in the mother’s and father’s day cards we receive too!


Some of the committees listed below with an asterisk need to begin planning over the summer in preparation for the beginning of the year!  We all know how crazy the first few weeks of September are so we need to be as prepared as possible to minimize the stress level those first few weeks.


Here are the committees that are available for next year:

  • Mini-courses (we are looking for someone who will be at Milltown for a few years to run this program)*
  • Spiritwear*
  • Yearbook*
  • Monster Mash*
  • Movie Night
  • Teacher Conference Dinner
  • Book Fair
  • International Festival

If you have any questions about any these committees or about what exactly is entailed in getting involved, please send us an email at [email protected]. Please include your name and phone number and we will be happy to reach out to you!


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We can always use your donations to help off set the costs of events, gifts to the school, and resources for parents, teachers, and students!  Thank you!


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