International Festival Booth and Activity REGISTRATION

At Milltown we are lucky to have families from over 35 countries and on Friday, April 24, we want to celebrate this diversity!  We need all of our families to share to participate through one or more of the following to make this event a success:

  • Create a country display or booth
  • Lead a culturally relevant activity at the booth (e.g., teaching bollywood dancing, henna, chinese name writing, carnival mask making, singing of national anthem)
  • Coordinate a “Showcase” activity – Showcase activities must include 4 or more people of which at least 1 is a Milltown student and must be an activity that could not be conducted at the booth. Each country will be assigned one time slot for the showcase activity. In the case of multiple submissions for one country we will work with Mr. Lembo to determine which activity will be selected for the showcase and which might need to happen at the booth instead. Preference is given to activities that involve the most number of Milltown children or that are activities that could not be done in the booth area.

REGISTRATION BELOW…Keep scrolling down…Give the form a moment to load!


We need you to register because we will be creating stickers for the passports and for the program and map.  If you are planning to only attend the event you do NOT need to register!


For some countries, like India, there are likely to be multiple families that sign up.  In this case, we will share the list of people that have signed up and we ask that you coordinate among yourselves to create one organized display.  Once this registration is closed, we will be in touch with each country group after this to begin planning.


Registration will close on Wednesday, March 4.


Please see the attached flyers for the guidelines creating displays and activities.

Display and activities guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions


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