Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas/Tips

Teacher Appreciation Week 

Your homeroom parents will also be putting together something thoughtful and creative for your teachers during this week.  While the homeroom parents do have funds that have been allocated to Teacher Appreciation Week, some homerooms may wish to go above and beyond and may ask that you also send in a small item on a specific day during the week!

Homeroom Parents: Your role is to communicate with your families and students your plan for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Reach out to your parents for help. Don’t feel like you need to carry the entire week yourself.  Don’t feel like you have to do something every day either.  Below are some FAQ’s/tips and ideas to help you plan your week!

  • Are we required to do something every day?  This is not required. The point is to honor your teacher(s) with something thoughtful and creative during the week!
  • Do we have to do something for special teachers?  Again this is not required; however, they do interact with your students during the week and support them, so we encourage a small token of appreciation.
  • How do we do this? The best way to start is to communicate to your parents what you plan for the week is.  In past years, people have also sent home a letter in backpacks.  It is encouraged to send reminder emails out the night before ready for the days that you wish for the students to bring something in.  If you have a personalized gift that the students are going to make for the teacher, be sure you have the supplies and communicate with the teacher that you will need time with the students (bring a volunteer or two depending on the project).  You may wish to get this completed over the next few weeks prior to Teacher Appreciation Week so you can make sure you have everyone and it is all completed and you are not rushing to finish any loose ends.
    • Monday – Bring a small flower to fill the vase (your responsibility would be to provide the vase and maybe a few additional flowers in case someone forgets one.
    • Tuesday – Bring a school supply, such as pencils, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, index cards, clorox wipes, lysol spray, etc.
    • Wednesday – Drop off special teachers (e.g., Art, Music, PE, Library, Tech, Nurse) gifts (small gift card, chocolates, etc) and provide the teachers with a personalized gift from the class (using the assigned funds previously collected)
    • Thursday – Drop off coffee or favorite snack to the teacher using your assigned funds
    • Friday – LUNCHEON (2017)

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