Halloween Party Ideas/Tips

Halloween Party Tips/Ideas

Here are some party tips and ideas for you to consider when planning your party.   Please do not feel like you have to do any of these, they are just ideas to help you in case you are “blank”.



Oriental Trading Company – order shortly after school starts – shipping can take three weeks.

SNACKS – remember to use signupgenius.com and ask your parent for donations as well.

halloween snack Tangerines – use a sharpie to draw a face on them.

halloween treat Cheese stick with a ghost on the wrapper (use a sharpie)

halloween pudding cups  Chocolate Pudding cups with ghost peeps and Halloween pumpkin candies on top. You can also crumb some chocolate crumb topping on it.

halloween juice box idea Using masking tape, you would cover the juice box and then adhere googly eyes!


***Recommendation for the crafts:  if you are using any sort of paint or substance that can ruin clothing or costumes, place a smock over the top.  Inform your parents ahead of time and request an old adult sized t-shirt be sent it to cover the student***

halloween craft1 Cut out black construction triangle and cut white, orange and yellow tissue paper.  Place the black triangle on contact sticky paper and let the children put the tissue paper down then seal it closed with another sheet of contact paper over the top.

halloween craft3 Out of a paper plate let the students create their own owls.  You will need yellow pre-cut circle and white for the eyes along with a small orange triangle nose.

halloween craft4 You will need black construction paper and lots of it.  Googly eyes and some glue and a stapler for the legs and to secure the hat.  The children can design their own legs on the hat.

halloween craft5 Pre-paint black and orange either paper or Styrofoam cups.  Bring in some more paint and foam round brushes.  Googly eyes and pipe cleaners for the legs.

halloween prek idea Fun craft for PreSchoolers – Using duplo Lego blocks and paint on paper and then with teacher and adult help cut out the pumpkin.

halloween lollipop spider  Lollipops, small googly eyes and pipecleaners – twist the legs around the stem of the lollipop to create your spider – nice filler craft…if you need to “fill” more time.

halloween craft2 More expensive option for the older grades.  Purchase canvases and allow the children to paint their own monster. Advise parents ahead of time to send in smocks (old adult t-shirts).

halloween craft6 Another option for older grades.  Mason jars, tissue paper, black construction paper and lots of mod podge and a battery operated candle for each jar.


halloween game Using toilet paper with pre-stuck or pre-painted eyes and a small pumpkin.

 Halloween game1 Using paper cups adhere them to a foam board and place a treat inside each cup.  Cover the cups with three sheets of tissue paper and allow students to poke-a-pumpkin cup and get their treat.

halloween game2 Self explanatory!

halloween game3 Using small cauldrons (found a dollar store or Christmas Tree Shop) and candy corn, try to throw the corn into the cauldron. Same concept can be used with ping-pong balls (decorate them to look like eyeballs) and then an be tossed into plastic pumpkin or other Halloween themed containers.

A few other games…of course, you can always play Halloween Dance music and just enjoy doing the monster dance!

Pumpkin Smash

  • Blow up Orange/Halloween balloons (We recommend you get good balloons)
  • Tie off and then tie a foot long piece (can be longer) around the end of each balloon
  • Take a sharpie marker and draw a pumpkin face on each balloon
  • Now have everyone tie their balloon,  using the ribbon, around their ankle.

How To Play:

  • Once everyone has tied their balloon around their ankle, share the rules.
  • When the teacher says Go! Everyone tries to run around and step on each other pumpkins (balloons).
  • If your pumpkin gets popped, then you are out of the game and can no longer smash any pumpkins.
  • Play until one person remains left with a balloon – they are the winner.

Note: No grabbing people by their clothes/costumes.  No grabbing balloons with your hands.  If you are outside, the ground might pop the balloons.

PreK/Kindergarten Game: Hide and Find the Pumpkins

  • Go into the room and hide a few mini pumpkins.
  • When you come back out of the room, let the students know that pumpkins are hidden in the room and they are to find them and bring them to a specific spot/person.
  • Re-hide and play again
  • After you finish the game, decorate the pumpkins with markers or other items.
Witches Hat Toss
  • Purchase two or more witches hats and glow in the dark necklaces that can be put together to make a ring.
  • Place the witches hat, may need to be taped to the floor so it doesn’t move, a distance away from the toss line.
  • Students are divided into teams and take turns throwing the rings around the top of the witches hat.
  • The goal is to get everyone on your team to toss a ring on the witch’s hat before the other team does.