Open PTO Executive Board Positions for 2020-2021

The PTO has several executive board positions that are open for next year.

Why get involved:  This is a fantastic opportunity to have a direct impact on your child’s experience at Milltown.  It is an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of how the school works, get to know the staff, and shape the experience your child has. The PTO is responsible for the organization of many events including Mini Courses, Monster Mash, International Festival, 4th grade farewell, book fair, movie night, folders in the classrooms, special support for basketball buddies, etc.

How much involvement is required:  There needs to be at least a commitment of a few hours a month for board meetings and oversight of activities.

Positions to be filled:

  • VP (1)
  • Treasurer
  • VP, Communications
  • Recording Secretary

Job descriptions are available. We want to ensure that the incoming PTO board members have all of the support and tools to be extremely successful.  A key piece to that success is being mentored and asking questions.  We will mentor the incoming board during the next few months to pass along all of our learned knowledge.

To apply or learn more, email [email protected]

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